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Evolving depression care

Addressing the many sides of depression, the Flow treatment consists of a brain stimulation headset that targets the physical root-cause of depression and a behavioural therapy app to address the psychological and environmental factors.

Medication free. Remote start.

Improvements in 3 weeks
Free from side effects
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Monitor progress remotely
Empower patient visits
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Intuitive app and device
Minimal training required

Depression continues to be a growing concern. Offices are overwhelmed with the number of patients seeking treatment and more often than not, treatment options are either not effective or provide side effects.

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6/10 people suffer side effects from medication

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Only ~40% of people on medication see improvements

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Average waiting period in Europe is ~3.5 months to see a therapist


Introducing Flow

Combining decades of depression research with enhanced technology allows Flow to provide in-clinic results from the comfort of your patients’ home.

The intuitive technology backed with proven techniques means there is minimal effort required for maximum reductions of depressive symptoms. Flow is providing those suffering from depression results without compromise.


The Flow tDCS Headset

Small, wireless, and portable device that delivers transcranial direct current (tDCS). The patient-friendly headset is one of the first to provide a non-pharmacological and non-invasive way to target the physical causes of depression without side effects.


The Flow Patient Platform

Secure online portal that provides you complete access, control, and transparency to your patients’ treatment and progress. Streamline and inform in-person patient visits with personalised insights prior to appointments.


The Flow Depression App

Behavior therapy app that was written by licensed psychologists, helps support your patients with creating and incorporating healthy habits to reduce depression and address various psychological and environmental factors of depression.

Expected results with Flow

In the largest tDCS study to date, 24% of patients completely overcame their depression, while 41% found that at least half of their symptoms disappeared after 6 weeks using this technique.

Within a few weeks, the Flow treatment is associated with supporting improvements in mood, concentration, optimism and initiative, while reducing anxiety and suicidal thoughts.


Flow is medically approved and safe for use

Flow utilizes tDCS technology and protocols that have been validated and used in-clinics for over a decade. A meta-data analyses reviewing over 32,000 stimulations has shown no serious adverse events reported.

Flow is a class IIa medical device with a unique safety system designed for at home use. With a CE certification, Flow is approved to treat depression in the EU and UK. Flow has been tested according to IEC 60601 for electrical medical device safety and approved by the British Standards Institutions (BSI).

Flow in practice

Dr. Ana Ganho Ávila talks through how she uses Flow in her clinic and the benefits Flow provides to her and her patients.

Flow helps her provide a tDCS solution patients can take home with them so they can more easily manage their depression independently.

Stay in touch to learn about how Flow can support you, your practice, and your patients

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If you are based in England, Wales or Texas and have moderate to severe depression you might be eligible to join a clinical trial using the Flow tDCS headset and contribute to improving the future of depression treatment.