Have you tried anti-depressants or talk therapy?

Although these traditional depression treatments can be effective, they are not always an option for everyone. Waiting lines, intensive time commitments as well as harsh physical side effects and even medication resistance leave much to be desired.

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In-clinic results. At home treatment.

Flow has helped people suffering from depression by addressing many of the unmet needs in depression treatments including those looking for:

no medication

A treatment not reliant on medication and fewer side effects

home based

Reduce in-clinic visits and complement sessions with in-home courses


Reduce the dosage of your medication

Are you depressed?

Since depression manifests differently from person to person, many people may go undiagnosed. Depression may not always present as suicidal thoughts and deep sadness but can also be a lack of motivation, disrupted sleep, or even a change in eating habits. One way of knowing is completing a focused questionnaire designed to measure depression such as the MADRS-s.

This survey can give insight into depression and also monitor changes. Take the survey and see if Flow can help you.

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Our rave reviews

“I hope after my lifetime Flow starts to replace meds. It has been rollercoaster of a life depending on horrible drugs with horrible side effects”

Diane Harp

Apr 12, 2022

"I have been using flow for over 6 months and I’m definitely feeling more positive and this has had an upwards spiraling affect. Starting to eat better , exercise more etc which in turn makes you feel better."

Zoe Abrahams

May 02, 2022

"I’ve moved from a score of about 35 to 12 in the first month on their severity of depression chart. I would say it’s like I no longer feel suicidal or that there is a sense of impending doom"

Joanna Pay

June 22, 2021

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