Depression treated. Differently.

No chemical substances. No waiting lists. No side-effects.

83% of Flow Headset users see results in 21 days. Address the root cause of your depression and join 50,000+ users that have tried Flow.


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man using the Flow tDCS headset to treat his depression

Activating change. Strengthening hope.

Flow’s engineers and clinicians have designed the first medically-approved at-home brain stimulation device.

The Flow headset uses transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). A pain-free and non-invasive technique that activates neural networks through gentle currents to reduce depression.

How Flow compares

Other depression treatments come with side effects ranging from weight gain to insomnia to loss of libido. The Flow treatment targets the root causes of depression directly improving your mood, focus and initiative while reducing anxiety and suicidal thoughts. The headset and app work together to provide better results than medication. With almost none of the side effects.






In clinic results. At home treatment.

Flow is the first of its kind to bring tDCS to your home in a simple and portable device. The 30 minute stimulation sessions easily fit into your schedule whenever it suits you best. Now you can stimulate where you want, when you want.

The supporting mobile application guides you through the experience and includes in-app behavioral therapy courses to help you tackle external causes of depression.


Join our 50,000+ users and treat your depression differently

“I hope after my lifetime Flow starts to replace meds. It has been rollercoaster of a life depending on horrible drugs with horrible side effects”

Diane Harp

Apr 12, 2022

"I have been using flow for over 6 months and I’m definitely feeling more positive and this has had an upwards spiralling affect. Starting to eat better , exercise more etc which in turn makes you feel better."

Zoe Abrahams

May 02, 2022

"I’ve moved from a score of about 35 to 12 in the first month on their severity of depression chart. I would say it’s like I no longer feel suicidal or that there is a sense of impending doom"

Joanna Pay

June 22, 2021

Designed in Sweden. Made for everyone.

As an approved medical device in the UK and EU, Flow goes through a rigorous product development and testing process which is reviewed by key third-party regulatory bodies

FDA Breakthrough device designation

FDA breakthrough device designation for at-home depression treatment


Approved by the British Standards Institutions (BSI)


Class IIa medical device CE-marked. Approved for in the EU and UK


Tested according to IEC 60601 for electrical medical device safety

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