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As of today, 280 Million people suffer from depression worldwide

And at the moment only 25% receive treatment. Due to the lack of access, limited options, and medication side effects, most people are left suffering.

It is time to change the state of depression today. It is time for something different.

man using the Flow tDCS headset to treat his depression

A new wave of depression care: tDCS

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a non-invasive brain stimulation technique that can be used to treat depression by activating neural networks through gentle currents.

Flow is the first of its kind to bring the efficacy of this technology to your home in a simple and portable device.

Combining tDCS & therapy for results with Flow

The Flow treatment has a two-pronged approach to address the biological and behavioural root causes of depression. The Flow tDCS headset and behaviour therapy app are designed to work together to provide the same results of medication without the side effects.


Flow is effective, science-based and trusted


Feel better within a few weeks

The Flow treatment improves your mood, focus and initiative while reducing anxiety and suicidal thoughts.


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Reviews from our users

“I hope after my lifetime Flow starts to replace meds. It has been rollercoaster of a life depending on horrible drugs with horrible side effects”

Diane Harp

Apr 12, 2022

"I have been using flow for over 6 months and I’m definitely feeling more positive and this has had an upwards spiralling affect. Starting to eat better , exercise more etc which in turn makes you feel better."

Zoe Abrahams

May 02, 2022

"I’ve moved from a score of about 35 to 12 in the first month on their severity of depression chart. I would say it’s like I no longer feel suicidal or that there is a sense of impending doom"

Joanna Pay

June 22, 2021

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Would you like to participate in a clinical trial using Flow?

If you are based in England, Wales or Texas and have moderate to severe depression you might be eligible to join a clinical trial using the Flow tDCS headset and contribute to improving the future of depression treatment.

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