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  • Initial 6 weeks of refill Pads included
  • One time only fee for headset service
  • 1 year warranty included

€89 / month

  • Refill Pads delivered automatically
  • Return and cancel subscription at any time
  • Option to purchase your Flow device after 6 months
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Experience benefits without the risk

New to tDCS? New to Flow?

The majority of Flow tDCS Headset users see improvements in their depression in as little as 21 days when following the recommended treatment protocol.

Try Flow for yourself. If in 30 days you are not satisfied, return Flow and receive a full refund. No cost to you.

Commonly asked questions

Starting with Flow is very simple.

The first step is to download our app which will walk you through how to use the headset.

For other tips on how to use your Flow, be sure to check-out our getting started guide which breaks down the entire program and highlights things to keep in mind while using Flow.

The estimated arrival time for express shipping is 1-4 business days (included for shipping of all headsets). 

All Flow headset orders are automatically prioritized free of charge for express shipping.

For all delivery and shipping questions please refer to our FAQ page here.

Flow uses a verified treatment schedule based on a decade of tDCS research. The treatment is split into two phases: Activation and Strengthening. To learn more about the treatment please refer to our treatment overview page here.

It is important to note that it is possible to repeat the treatment protocol. Restarting your treatment can be done easily within the app. The process to do this is covered in our FAQ here.

If you would like a more personalised treatment schedule, we recommend speaking with your doctor. A doctor can assess your individual case and are privy to your full depression treatment/medical history.

Many users enjoy the convenience of the Flow rental subscription. On average users subscribe for 7 months. And more often than not, rental subscribers opt to purchase their rental after 6 months.

  • Upon ordering your rental device, a confirmation email detailing out your order and next steps will be sent
  • Within one week, your rental headset and first box of refill Pads will arrive to your doorstep
  • At your own pace, begin your Flow treatment from the comfort of your home
  • As part of your subscription, new refill Pads will be sent to you automatically
  • Have full peace of mind that you may cancel your subscription and return your rental at any time

Be sure to check out more rental related questions here.

All terms and conditions regarding the rental can be found in clause 12 here.

If you are not satisfied with your device, no matter the reason, we happily offer a full refund and free return within the first 30 days of your purchase and/or rental (counted from when the device was confirmed to be shipped). 

For more details about returns and refunds, please read our full return policy here.


Join our 50,000+ users and treat your depression differently

At first I was skeptical of the benefits of non-drug based treatment for depression, but after a few months of using Flow I have been able to stop taking my meds completely. It is a product that truly works and I'm surprised it isn't front page news.


Jul 6, 2022

Personally, Flow has been so beneficial to me. It has really eased my depression and anxiety symptoms to the point I’ve only got very mild symptoms now.


Jun 16, 2022

I’ve moved from a score of about 35 to 12 in the first month on their severity of depression chart. I would say it’s like I no longer feel suicidal or that there is a sense of impending doom


Jun 21, 2021

All the benefits. Few of the side effects.

Less than 2% of Flow users experience skin irritation or headaches. 83% experience improvements in their depression.

60% of people taking antidepressants suffer from side-effects and on average only 40% see improvements in their depression.

Try Flow if you are looking for a different way to treat your depression.

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Address the many sides of depression

The Flow treatment consists of a brain stimulation headset and behavioural therapy app to target both the physical root-cause of depression as well as many of the psychological and environmental factors.


The Flow headset

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