The NHS & Flow

Flow’s mission is to make mental health care more accessible.

In the UK this means partnering with the NHS to ensure as many people as possible can access Flow’s medication-free depression treatment.

Currently, you can only access Flow through the NHS if you live in Northamptonshire.

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Four programs live

Since March 2023 Flow has been available on the NHS to thousands of people. The NHS already endorses tDCS as a treatment for depression, these programs are testing whether we can incorporate Flow into how clinicians work within the NHS.

1. Primary Care: Flow is offered as an alternative to antidepressants or therapy via select GP practices in Northamptonshire. Read the impressive results here.
2. Community Mental Health: Flow is offered in combination with treatment types such as antidepressants and therapy, or to those on wait-lists for services such as TMS and ECT in Northamptonshire.
3. Perinatal Services: Flow is offered to women suffering from postpartum depression who do not want to use antidepressants in Northamptonshire. You can read more about it on the NHS website.

4. NHS Practitioners: Flow is offered to eligible front-line NHS clinicians in conjunction with the NHS Practitioner Health service.

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Flow's first NHS program already deemed a success

Our first NHS program was launched in March 2023 in primary care in Northamptonshire. This offering has been independently evaluated by Northamptonshire Health Foundations Trust (NHFT), and the first set of results have been published in a journal.

The team at NHFT concluded that Flow had been successfully integrated into a primary care service depression treatment, and that the results support the use of Flow as a treatment option for people with symptoms of depression.

See what our NHS program patients say


The effect Flow had, I think it’s been quite groundbreaking for me and my depression and anxiety, it’s been a life changer.


I’m feeling better in myself. I feel more confident, and I feel less anxious about being myself, and I’ll chat with people in the supermarket.


It’s had a tremendous impact in terms of positivity and wanting to get involved in doing things.


Since using it I’m happy, I’m energetic, I'm motivated.


I say my sleeping improved pretty quickly, after using it….I think within the first week.


I feel more confident, I feel a little bit stronger in myself… rather than hiding myself away.


I’ve gained confidence...I’m actually making sure that I do take part in life now and not just withdraw.


I can hold a conversation now. Whereas previously, I couldn’t think of how to keep a conversation going.

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The future of our partnership

These programs are just the start of Flow’s efforts to ensure patients can access its treatment via the NHS, and Flow is in active conversations to try and bring its depression treatment to other regions.

If you work within the NHS and would like to see Flow offered to your patients, please contact

If you are a patient and would like to speak to your clinician (GP, Psychiatrist) about Flow, we'd recommend taking this information leaflet with you.