The NHS & Flow

Flow’s mission is to make mental health care more accessible.

In the UK this means partnering with the NHS to ensure as many people as possible can access Flow’s medication-free depression treatment.

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tDCS is safe and effective

The NHS already believes in the safety and efficacy of tDCS; there are over 30 RCTs proving this. As a result, tDCS is listed on the NHS website as treatment for depression under 'brain stimulation'.

The objective of the primary care pilot is to understand if Flow can be integrated into current ways of working, and to check if there is patient demand for the headset.

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Three pilots live

Since February 2023, Flow has been available on the NHS to a number of people in Northamptonshire, through 3 pilots:

1. Primary Care: Flow is offered as an alternative to antidepressants or therapy via select GP practices. This program was launched March 2023.

2. Community Mental Health: Flow is offered in combination with treatment types such as antidepressants and therapy, or to those on wait-lists for services such as TMS and ECT. This program was launched August 2023.

3. Perinatal Services: Flow is offered to women suffering from postpartum depression who do not want to use antidepressants. This program is preparing for launch September 2023.

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The future of our partnership

These programs in Northamptonshire are just the start of Flow’s efforts to ensure patients can access its treatment via the NHS, and Flow is in active conversations to try and bring its depression treatment to other regions.

If you work within the NHS and would like to see Flow offered to your patients, please contact

If you are a patient and would like to speak to your clinician (GP, Psychiatrist) about Flow, please contact We would be happy to share material to help with that conversation.